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AstrologyExplorer 3D creates an astrological chart and displays its 3D image
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AstrologyExplorer 3D creates an astrological chart and displays its 3D image.
In the Astrology Workspace the user enters basic information like (birth) date, time and location. The entered information can be stored in a database for future use. The program processes the information and displays the (birth) chart in the Chart Explorer. Users can toggle 1 of 4 available chart alignment options and 1 of 11 available chart styles.
User preferences can be set regarding the display of interpretations, ToolTips and highlighting. Active interpretation is disabled in the evaluation version, but a report of the interpretation can be generated and displayed on the screen, saved to a hard drive or printed. The extensive analysis uses the interpretations of astrologer Alan Leo. Reports can also be generated for basic listings only, a full aspects listing or an Arabic parts listing.
AstrologyExplorer 3D stands out with its capacity to display a 3D image of the generated chart, which makes the chart less abstract. In the Planetarium workspace, this 3d image of the stars can be aligned to Local Observer, Celestial Equator or Ecliptic (Zodiac). According to the user's preferences, the planetarium can be displayed with or without chart information, constellations, planets, symbols and aspects. An extensive Platetarium Options Menu offers dozens of options that users can manipulate to adjust the planetarium display feature to their preferences.
AstrologyExplorer 3D offers a very nice alternative for professional and amateur astrologists. Its Chart Explorer is not as fully featured as that of several competitive products, but its graphical presentation capabilities and user friendly report generator feature make it a very attractive choice for those who like to add visual information to their astrological readings.

Saskia van der Elst
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  • Astrological charts are displayed in a 3D image of the celestial bodies
  • Interpretation of chart using analysis by Alan Leo


  • Limited choise of house system
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